Pay your ticket on line

To pay your traffic ticket directly you simply go to the court of the municipality where the ticket was issued and either appear in court as direct or set a date for a hearing to fight the ticket, or simply pay the ticket in person.

Paying Your Ticket by Mail

In order to pay the ticket by mail you need to:

• You need to make a check or get a money order for the amount listed on your ticket.
• You check or money order must be made out to the municipal court listed on the ticket and the citation number of the ticket needs to be printed on the check or money order.
• You need to mail your payment so it arrives at the appropriate cournt on or before the “must pay date” listed on ticket.

Paying Your Ticket on Line

In order to pay your ticket on line you need to access the NJMC Direct website and have the following information handy.
• Your traffic ticket
• You license number
• A Visa or MasterCard
• The Municipal court code ID

You do need to remember that you can’t pay your ticket online until 4 days after the date the ticket was issued. Tickets issued prior to the 4th day after the date issue won’t appear on the compute so you will be unable to pay the ticket as the necessary information will not be in the system.

Which method you choose to pay your ticket is up to you, so choose the method that works best for you unless you are required to appear in court.